Maintenance of Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is generally resistant to corrosion or natural damage from the elements however, in the majority of applications; a maintenance program is still required to ensure the product maintains its appearance

The following is widely considered good practice in the maintenance of stainless steel products.

Interior applications or areas with low exposure, stainless steel can be cleaned using common ammonia-based window cleaner and the softest possible wiping material. DO NOT use abrasive cleaners or materials in wiping the surface. For example, ordinary paper towels are not recommended for cleaning, however, finer quality facial tissue or a very soft cloth is recommended. In the event the surface becomes marred with a substance which resists glass cleaner DO NOT USE ANY ABRASIVE CLEANER, seek professional advice.

In exposed external applications including coastal environments and/ or marine applications the following additional steps should be implemented.

The metal surface should be washed with a mild soap and water followed by a thorough rinsing with fresh water and chamois dried every two to three months. Depending on the level of exposure it is also suggested that all parts be waxed at this time using a premium auto wax. Water will form tight beads on a waxed surface and this will help the finish to always look its best.

In areas of high exposure it is recommended that a polished finish be used to maximize resistance to corrosion. (Not a stain finish!!)